BG Scrap Metals cc has been active in Gauteng since 1992

and is now the clearly established leading independent recycler operating in the area, servicing industrial accounts from some of the smallest business to large global corporations.

Non-Ferrous Metals

We continue to strive to pay the best prices for copper to brass to stainless steel to aluminium. Our expert team will grade your non-ferrous metals with the help of a variety of state of the art analysis equipment


Ferrous Metals

Our 60 tone SABS approved weighbridge provides for quick and efficient weighing in all your steel loads. We buy metals from blue steel to subgrade, general steel to shavings.


Equipment & Transport

BG Scrap Metals has a large fleet of grab and bin trucks geared with the necessary equipment designed for dismantling and collecting of various scrap metals in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


Why Choose Us?

BG Scrap Metals cc has a large fleet of vehicles with the necessary equipment designed for safe and professional scrap demolition and collection. BG Scrap Metals is a licensed scrap metal dealer and a registered recycle organisation

Our Facility

BG’s main processing facility is in Brakpan with some 17,000 square meters of operating space, 7000 square meters of which is under cover as the head office for management and administration and houses the company dealing room.


BG Scrap Metals is run by the latest recycling software which makes for efficient handling, grading and weighing of products so all customers can be assured of a professional service with high levels of consistency.